Pina Colada


Yummy non-alcoholic cocktail!



  1. Cut pinapple into slices, add a few peices to blender
  2. Add sugar, ice cream, ice cubes, pinapple juice,coconut milk and flesh to blender
  3. Blend all the ingredients together with the blender for about 1 minute
  4. Get the remaining slices of pinapple and make a small cut in them with a knife
  5. Now run the pinapple around the rim of the glass you will be surving your dinks in
  6. Poor sugar in a plate, then place the glass upside down within the plate and rotate it to let the sugar stick
  7. Add the same pinapple peice on the rim of the glass, and serve your amazing drink!

About the drink

For my birthday a few years ago my friend had taken me out for a meal, at the restaurant she ordered us this amazing drink called a pina colada. I had never had the drink before and was amazed with how amazing the flavors were! The mix of coconut and pineapple went so well together, and usually I am not a fan of both! I was surprised how the flavors complimented each other! I had to go home and try to recreate what I had at the restaurant, and I must say, I believe I did a better job than the restaurant! This drink and presentation is great to serve for guests or friends, or to enjoy for yourself after a long day! Enjoy!