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Jaspreet's Cooking

Welcome to my website! On here I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes and dishes that I love to prepare myself at home. These dishes range from breakfast, meals, to drinks! I will be showing you how I prefer to assemble and customize my top 4 meals! All my friends and family love these, and so will you!

About me

I am a 20 year old social science student here at Dawson College, and I will be graduating this semester! For my website course I was to create a project to express a quality of myself. Therefore I wanted to base a website on something I enjoy and have love for. I had discovered my passion for cooking after I had finished high school as I had a long summer with plenty of free time on my hands! As a child, I always admired my mother’s cooking and wanted to follow her steps as a teenager, because her meals were always so delicious! I also loved watching cooking shows, such as MasterChef and Rachel Ray. I was always very impressed with how people on TV made cooking into a form of art and was amazed how much passion and hard work it took into preparing meals. Therefore my inspiration comes from a variety of sources! As I am from South Asian descent, I love to customize my dishes by adding a bit of my traditional spices into my main meals. I hope you enjoy my website and try out my recipes!