Yogurt Sundae

Yogurt sundae

A delicious healthy meal to have for breakfast, snack or dessert!



Just layer the ingredients to your preference with a spoon and enjoy the healthy, crunchy meal!

About the meal

For my gym class last semester, I had to come up with a 6 week fitness plan. For this plan I was to also search healthy recipes and include them into my fitness journey to stay healthy! Furthermore, I wanted to find something that was easy to make but also something that tastes good. As I am a very picky eater, I thought I would never find anything healthy which meets my taste preferences! However, I came across this beautiful recipe that caught my eye with its bright colors and presentation! This Kashi, yogurt sundae tastes so amazing and the cereal really adds the wow factor to the dish! This meal literally takes 5 minutes to prepare and is super healthy for you, it also does not cost much at all! What else could you want!? I sometimes eat this in the mornings for a quick healthy breakfast, or when I feel hungry in the day and want a filling snack, you could also have it as a dessert! I still make this very often even though I have completed my gym course, because I genuinely enjoy eating it! I hope you try this recipe because it is just delicious!