Spice Cheese


A delicious Indian/Chinese meal!



  1. Cut up the cheese into small cubes
  2. Cut garlic into small pieces
  3. Cut ginger into small pieces
  4. Cut green chillies into small pieces
  5. Cut onion into dices
  6. Cut the bell pepper into dices
  7. Turn on stove to medium heat and add cooking oil to frying pan
  8. Add cumin seeds and let sizzle
  9. Add ginger, garlic and green chillies to oil
  10. After ingredients are golden, add onions
  11. Stir onions with the ingredients until onions start to soften
  12. Add tomatoe paste
  13. Add cheese
  14. Add tandoori spice
  15. Add salt
  16. Add bell pepper
  17. Stir everything together
  18. Put gas on low
  19. Close lid and let ingredients cook for 5 minutes

About the meal

My mother would always cook cheese for me and my younger brother when we would come home from school when we were younger. As I grew older I began loving spicy food more and more, so I began cooking this recipe! My family loves it, children and adults! You can adjust the spice to your liking. I hope you try it as well! The meals main ingredient is deep fried cottage cheese cubes and is perfect for a family gathering! You can eat this meal with naan bread or salad as a side dish! You can even put it in a wrap and take it for the go! This yummy traditional Indian dish is vegetarian and easy to make! The ingredients are very affordable!