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Introductory Questions

1. Sandhu Jaspreet
2. 1412130


3. Before coming to Dawson, I graduated from Beurling Academy in 2013.
4. I am in my last semester here at Dawson, currently enrolled in the social science program. Once this semester is over, I plan on doing Psychology in Concordia University.
5. My favorite subject would have to be psychology, as I find it very amusing and interesting.
6. My favorite thing to at home is cooking, I love making anything from desserts to meals.
7. Somebody I really look up to is Angelina Jolie, because even though she is rich and famous she cares and gives so much to those who are often times forgotten.
8. Honestly speakig, this course was one of the few options I had to take as a complemtary. However, I did thing it would be a useful course for the future.
9. The most effective ways of learning that I find effective are viewing power points in class along with the teachers lectures and taking in class notes, because I like to see the content visually and take hand writen notes as they allow me to remember the information better.